Spanish A2

Level A2 of Spanish will help you fine tune the basics of the language. In Talkiens’ online Spanish A2 course, you’ll learn new vocabulary, verbs, and everyday phrases and expressions. Being able to speak Spanish opens so many doors for you! You will reap the benefits of broadened job opportunities, social connections and much more. More than 460 million people speak Spanish worldwide. Become one of them with the help of our native Spanish online teachers.

Verbal Communication and comprehension

By the end of the Talkiens’ A2 Spanish course, you’ll be able to talk about everyday actions and habits and feel at ease in this context. Thanks to the dedication and drive our highly qualified online teachers, you will reach an A2 level of Verbal Communication and Comprehension. This will equip you to understand and interact with your interlocutor in basic conversations. You will comfortably be able to execute our A2 exercises. At Talkiens we adapt to your rhythm, enabling you to learn Spanish effectively and at your own pace.

Written Expression and Comprehension

Throughout your journey of our A2 course, you’ll learn to express, ask for and understand necessities. You will be able to ask about tastes, preferences, and opinions in everyday contexts. You will be able to give directions and reciprocally ask for and understand them. You will be able to go shopping. You will be able to produce and understand formal and informal texts. By the end of the A2 course, you will be able to write about people’s character and physical appearance and about your immediate surroundings- not only in the present tense, but in the past and future, too.


Talkiens’ A2 Tutorial Course will bolster and reinforce all that you have learned in Writing Skills and in Verbal Communication. In Tutorials, you are expected and encouraged to work in a more independent way, but there will always be a teacher on hand to guide you should you have any doubts or queries. Tutorials are designed to provide specific additional practice which the student asks for or that the teacher deems necessary.

How we divide level A2

At Talkiens, each established level of Spanish is divided into two sublevel courses:


The competencies in A2 Spanish are determined by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This is the same for all other levels. On the page pertaining to each online course, you can find details of the competencies in question. The following are the A2 Competencies:

  • Use irregular verbs in the correct form.
  • Explain weekend and leisure plans.
  • Ask about and express tastes and preferences in everyday, straightforward contexts.
  • Come up with and put forward proposals for planned activities.
  • Give descriptions and make comparisons.
  • Use adverbs appropriately.
  • Conjugate the most commonly used past tenses.
  • Answer questions in such a manner that demonstrates receptive understanding as well as coherence.

At Talkiens you will acquire these competencies thanks to the dedication and drive our highly qualified teachers. We are most certainly not your average online Spanish academy. Here our teachers adapt to your level and to the rate at which you learn, ensuring that you always feel at ease and enjoy your course.

What are the established levels of Spanish?

As is the case with other languages, the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) organises language proficiency in six levels, A1 to C2, which can be regrouped into three broad level descriptors:

  • A (A1 & A2): Basic level (Basic User)
  • B (B1& B2): Intermediate level (Independent User)
  • C (C1 & C2): Advanced level (Proficient User)

The above descriptors are skill levels. Level 1 covers the more basic competencies of the broad group (A, B or C), while the second level goes into more detail and depth. In summary, the levels of Spanish are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

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