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At Talkiens, the students’ desire to reach a degree of excellence in the learning of a new language is consolidated with the development of 21st century abilities: respect; intercultural knowledge; methodological innovation, and the application of technology. Join the Talkiens Community and share your motivation and interests!

Talkiens is an online language school whose creation and design is based upon digital interaction and service. Our platform includes all the content and resources necessary to learn, as well as tools to facilitate and foster communication and interaction between: student and teacher, student and peers, and teacher and parent/legal guardian. Talkiens offers an integrated, coherent learning ecosystem and a a warm invitation to join the Talkiens Community.

Talkiens targets a young student body; we group together those of a similar age and with common interests. Our objective is to make learning a new language something motivational by exploring the elements that unite the group as well as the cultural differences within it and putting them to best use. All of these things form part of the same learning process and the development of its Global Competence.

Talkiens’ innovative methodology promotes the development of 21st century skills: creativity; innovation; critical thinking; problem-solving; communication, and collaboration. This results in the formation of participative citizens that are conscious of cultural differences and that are prepared to face the needs of a globalized job market.

Using the successful completion of set challenges as a cornerstone, Talkiens’ Educational Model unfolds through teamwork, working in pairs and through projects related to everyday topics. Our focus is on that which is practical and in line with young people´s interests.


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